The instant Briketter is another quality charcoal product from D P Carbon (Pvt.) Limited. The product is designed for far superior heat and hassle free lightning for any heating purposes , such as Barbecues, industrial heating chambers, hookah pipe & summer camps.
Simply light a tablet with a lighter or match and the tablet will develop a long-lasting, regular heat.
  • Do not hold the briquette in your hand when lighting or when burning
  • Do not dispose of the ash remains in a waste paper bin, as it may cause a fire.
  • Keep out of reach of children
Main Constituent: Coconut shell charcoal
Size: 50mm dia x 40mm high
Shape: Tablet / Square
Density: 0.8 - 1.1g/cm3
Binder: Cereal Type
Additives: None
Volatiles: 15 - 18%
Ash: 5 -10%
Sulpher: As sulphides - Nill
As sulphates - 0.05% max
Moisture: 5 - 8% max
Fixed carbone: 70% min
Burning Time: 2+ hours
Primary Packing
Secondary Packing
Final Packing
Available in Boxes - One Box of Charcoal contains 10 rolls with each roll containing 10 pcs of Cocoraid® Hookah Charcoal tablets
Shrink Wrapped & Palletized. (48 palettes per 40' container)

Size of the Palette = 36" X 42" X 48"

416 Kgs per Palette
Container Utilization

:20' Ft  - 10MT

40' HC - 20MT
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