Environment friendly Coconut Shell Charcoal Barbecue Briquettes in Pillow shape. Burns hotter and longer time without any smoke. Packed in high quality durable packaging with customized outer cover.
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Instant lighting briquette with higher heat value,. Hassle free lighting and most suitable for industrial heating purposes and Hookah pipe.
Customized in different shapes for the various markets according to the purpose of use.
Non activated carbonised pure coconut shell charcoal crushed and screened to different sizes for the use of filtering, plantation, and other several industrial purposes. Moisture 8%-10%.
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D P Carbon (Pvt.) Limited is a subsidiary  of Carbrique  (Pvt.) Limited  which  is a B O I registered company established from 1992, situated in North  Western Province of Sri Lanka, manufacturing a range of Coconut shell charcoal based products catering to different markets for domestic and industrial purposes. No trees are fallen for any D P Carbon product.
Buy D P Carbon products and save the rainforest.
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